Sunday, 27 September 2009

An update on TV shows : What to follow!

I am going to write a little more about series, because lately I’ve been watching lots of them, especially because that it’s September, and new shows are aired, and all shows presents new seasons. So here’s my update if you want to make your choice, on what to follow:

The new ones:
Though the trailer of Community seemed very cool, after two episodes I can say that I am not very interested by this show. The main character seems the only one with a brain and some wit; the others are just losers and human clichés. There is no way I can connect with them, so I am not interested.

Glee: at first I thought that it was a 2009 version of Popular, with the same tone, same kind of characters, now it’s growing on me, and though I am not a fan of r’n’b, and cheesy music, I love the original angle, and original humour of this show. What strikes me as particularly original is the fact that for once, in teenage series, the teacher’s world is depicted. It’s probably to please the 30/40 generation by showing other preoccupations than the students’one! I will go on following Glee.

Eastwick: Oh god it’s exactly like in the film, I really hate when they take a film and make a series out of it. I love the film and I don’t want to see a lamer version of it!

I was sceptic at the beginning of Flash Forward: another cop story, the casting mainly made of second part of other series, that didn’t seem too bright. But it blew my mind. Everyone in the world collapsed at the same time and saw their future in six months! I am already addicted and can’t wait for the second episode: a big WOW!

Modern Family, starts showing three kinds of families, and filmed like a confession TV show, it is subtle, quite hilarious, and remarkably written; I also want more of it! A positive plus: Al Bundy ( Ed O’neil) is back! I love this actor. Here he’s married to a very hot and young South American girl!

And at Last my favourite of the new series Bored to Death starring and written by Jason Shwartzman, it’s witty, intelligent, funny and classy. Jonathan Ames ( shwartzman) is a young writer unable to write his second novel. His girlfriend leaves him because she considers that he drinks and smokes too much! Of course he doesn’t, she’s just very up tied (in my opinion) nevertheless, he is very unhappy and write an add on the Craig list to be a private detective. He runs everywhere with a copy of Farewell my lovely. I would say that Bored to Death is the perfect mix of Woody Allen’s Manhattan Murder Mystery and Wes Anderson Rushmore! Don’t miss it!

Now the old series:

The end of the third season of Heroes was very disappointing, why did they changed Sylar into Nathan Petrelli? A bit of Claire’s blood would have saved him, like it did to Noah in second season. Now we’re stuck with this in between character, and it doesn’t seem that the show has a pattern anymore, besides getting more complicated and unclear. The only positive thing is the arrival of the carnival, but will it be enough to motivate me going on with this show: it’s far from being sure!

House MD is the TV show I am the most addicted to, and the end of series 5 drove me crazy. I was expecting so much more from the two first episodes, much more, than a cliché of mental institution where he didn’t belong, and a cliché of love story! I really hope that the writers will warm up the sexual tension between Cuddy and House!

Californication is just absolutely exciting, first by the casting, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) being gay and in love with Hank. Kathleen Turner, Charlie’s new boss who sexually harass him. Hank trying (or not, to be a teacher) well Californication is still excellent and sexy as hell! Though little Becca is a little under everyone’s level with acting!

The first episode of Gossip Girl’s new season was almost boring, oh I wish Vanessa could disappear from the show, she’s a boring character, and Serena too! The second was much better with Blair trying to be the queen of NYU and miserably failing! Gossip Girl stays entertaining and I will go on following it!

Last but not least, the first episode of this new season of How I Met Your Mother was hilarious, and there’s no way I will ever stop watching this show. Ted ( the only boring character of the series) start to teach at Columbia, Barney and Robin created a new style of relationship and are forced by Lily and Marshall to have “ the talk”, I won’t say much, it’s just the funniest show ever!

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vic said...

Ha Ha - I love your excitment! I can feel it and i can also share it! I'm looking forward to watch Flash forward. apparently it's the new lost in terms of addiction. I still love californication and totally agree with you on Heroes. I don't think i'll bother with Eastwick bullshit but you made me want to watch bored to death (I love the poster!)

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