Friday, 13 June 2008

Some of my favourite films

Since I do not have time to see films everydays and write a critic on them, I make here a display of extracts of my favourites films. Feel free of commenting what you think of this list. One day I'll take the time to critic them and explain why they're essential for me.
Opening Night by John Cassavetes

Night of the Hunter by Charles Laughton

Stolen kisses by François Truffaut

Day for night by François Truffaut

The young girls of Rochefort by Jacques Demy

Army of shadows by Jean-Pierre Melville

Tristana by Luis Bunuel

children of paradise by carné

limelight by charlie chaplin

The Set up by Robert Wise

Touch of evil by Orson Welles

Lolita by Stanley Kubrick

Blood of a poet by Jean Cocteau

1 comment:

Sherry said...

Jacques Demy's films are highly watchable.
I also like Tristana, maybe more than Belle de Jour which was directed by Bunuel too.

Thanks for these YOUTUBE links. =)

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