Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What is coming/ ce qui va venir

In times when there is nothing especially exciting in cinemas, it’s necessary to take risks and I have to admit, that I was right taking those risks which were seeing an independent French movie about French actresses ( they all posed naked on the poster) which was not very attracting, a Danish vampire story and a « second rate stars » super hero film ! Alas I still have to take the time to write about those because they not only held very good entertainment but also a real freshness, amazing cinematic ideas, poetry, and said things that I needed to hear. So guys be a little patient and don’t hesitate revisiting my prose: soon I’ll review Le bal des actrices by Maiwenn;

Morse aka let the right one in aka lat den ratte koma in by tomas alfredson,

and Push by paul Mcguigan

I am planning to see Ricky by François Ozon,

35 rhums by Claire Denis

and the Wrestler by Darren aronofski

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