Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Julia, Eric Zonca

I enjoyed this movie even if it was most of the time a dissociated enjoyment, due, to the rather comic effect of drunkenness and its consequences in the character of Julia, the talented Tilda Swinton!
This is an American French movie, made with French money, French director and writer, in America with American actors! Truly if you didn’t know you wouldn’t notice, what is French is not all the time marked by classic fifties French ness like in La Vie en Rose or Amelie!
This the story of Julia, alcoholic woman who party too much and wakes up in unknown places after rather pathetic one night stands. She decides over any logic to help Elena, Mexican alcoholic who wants to kidnap her own son, Tom!
Apparently from what I’ve read this film would be a remake of John Cassavetes Gloria (I remind you the J.C. is my personal cinematic Christ!), If this rumour is true, it’s more a variation than actually a remake, and will every film treating of relations between a kid and a middle aged woman, more or less connected with mobs, be a remake of my darling Gloria? I don’t know!
Please leave old John alone, an independent movie will be cassavetian, not because the actors are drinking or performing, but because it will blow your mind, ok? Blow your mind and leave you silent even an hour after the projection, is this clear? I am sorry to say that there was just one John Cassavetes, and it’s better to be a first rate oneself than a second rate J.C.!
I can’t be totally dissociated myself with this movie, because the script writer happens to be someone that I can say about “a long time ago we used to be friend” and I watched it, looking for the traces of my friend Aude Py!
If this film has to be compared with Gloria I would say, that it’s a wild space version of it, visiting the Hispanic side not of NY ( aka south Bronx) but of America : Mexico! I think of this movie as entertainment, good one with very good acting. The thing that really touched me was the relation between Mitch and Julia. I like the fact that he says that if he’s in love with her, that’s none of her business, this is the kind of things that I could say!
So what a good film, that you’ll enjoy, there is also good material to turn cult, so go and see it! I am too lazy to write the French version of this critic tonight!

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