Thursday, 20 March 2008

Jumper, Doug Liman

I rarely talk about action movies in this blog, mostly because there is rarely a lot to say, and also because most of the time, pure action , bores me! I went to see Jumper, because I thought that Doug Liman was also the director of the Bourne Ultimatum and Michael Clayton, two let's say action movies who impressed me by the way they became metaphysical . Actually once checked on IMDB, Liman was only producer and Tony Gilroy made the deal! Nevertheless, if Jumper is rather simple and not very metaphysical, it's almost perfect in the way that an idea is exploited to the end: teletransportation!
It's very modern in the way it treats the super hero, as someone who has to deal with a bigger power than he is of a man. What happened to the fifties bigger than life characters? Being a freak is such a terror for an american teenager, that it takes time for them to enjoy having powers! Anyway our hero enjoys his capacity of teletransportation: robs banks, surf all over the world, have breakfast on top of the pyramids, and that's pleasure he enjoys life, until he discover that some fanatics wants to kill all the jumpers, because only god can be everywhere at the time!
It's like the fantasy of our globalised world being able to be anywhere at home all over the world. But it also opens lots of possibilities, like those fight between the two jumpers , where the world becomes their playground, and they end up in tchetchenia where people are fighting for real. Reality is not that far. This film is so well done, and make identification so easy that the fact that I didn't like the hero didn't stop my pleasure, I really enjoyed the energy of young jamie Bell (ex Billy Elliot) though I was slighlty bored by the neverending play it again samuel L Jackson, Come on man do something new!
I really enjoyed this film because it put fire to my imagination. I thought that I was a jumper, and I am kind of a jumper because, I see films that transport me in very different universes!
La traduction française viendra plus tard!

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