Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Be Kind Rewind , Michel Gondry

First something I want to say about this blog: it won't stay bilingual as it is, I will soon create another blog on this same profile where I will put all the entries in French, this also mean that they won't be translations of the English part anymore. So when it will be done, if you want to compare how I think in French and in English you'll have to go on my profile and check the other blog. But it's not done yet!

I won't tell you the story in case you haven't heard it, because it spoiled a bit of my pleasure to know it all!
So let's say that Moss Def work in a video club, his slightly dumb friend (Jack Black) visits him all the time, and the owner is an old man, they only have VHS, the building is threatening to fall apart,and is supposed to be the place where Fats waller was born!
As I said my pleasure was slightly spoiled by the fact that I knew the story and was expecting the key moments. But I really enjoyed this film. Because it's bloody creative, and I strongly beleive that people can be saved just if they start to create. It reminded me when I was a kid and created shows for my family with my sisters and cousins, or when later I played with dad's camera to make stupid parodies of I don't know what. The kind of energy you invest in that make it fun even for the one watching!
The enjoyement of this film also come from a very post modern humour, of recognising what is copied , or what is recreated and by adding a private joke humour like when they film the ugly "ghost" in the library to do ghostbusters. But the fact that you'll laugh more if you know what they're talking about also makes the possibility like in the last Gondry The Science of sleep of seeing two different films weither you have your nerdy 80's blockbusters knowledge or weither you don't have a clue about it!

This film has many layers, because it also speaks of Jazz, and the perpetual reinvention of the jazz legends (after all the only important thing is the music,isn't it? )


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